Giving Tools & Resources

Learn more about nonprofit organizations that serve Charles, St. Mary’s, and Calvert Counties, and how to make the most of your charitable gift in support of your community.

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Get Connected

  • 2-1-1

    Dialing 2-1-1 connects callers to specialists who assess their needs
    and link them to the right solutions using a comprehensive database of
    federal, state and local services – both government and nonprofit.
    2-1-1 cuts through the confusion and helps callers connect to the
    service they need. For example, it helps with information about these
    kinds of resources:

    • Basic Human Needs
    • Physical and Mental Health
    • Employment Support
    • Support for Older Americans and Persons with
    • Support for Children, Youth and Families
    • Volunteer Opportunities and Donations
  • Community
    Garden Listserv

    To share information on weather predictions, planting times, native
    plants, seed resources, tool resources and anything else under the sun
    that might be supportive or useful to other community garden groups in
    Charles County!
  • Southern
    Maryland Non-Profit Listserv

    The Southern Maryland Non-Profit Institute at the College of Southern
    Maryland has been formed to provide support for the region’s non-profit
    organizations so that they will be better positioned to carry out their
    missions and increase their capacities to serve clients and causes. The
    Institute will enhance the effectiveness of non-profits through the
    provision of training, networking, and consultation services. This
    listserv is designed to promote communication and interaction among the
    Southern Maryland non-profit community.
  • Philantopic
    This short blog features research funded by foundations that will help
    people interpret events in the Middle East.