Philanthropy Hall of Fame

Hands holding seedling A philanthropist, in our mind, is one who believes that the best way to lead is by serving others. Philanthropists champion the causes that resonate in their hearts and cannot help but openly share their passion with those around them. Their enthusiasm for community service is contagious.

In 2006, the Foundation held its inaugural Philanthropy Day Luncheon to cultivate giving in our community and to recognize those who have given back. In efforts to coincide with Charles County’s 350th anniversary and to honor those pioneers who have worked a lifetime to lay the foundation we stand on today, the Community Foundation “unveiled” the Philanthropy Hall of Fame in 2008. The Hall of Fame is made up of individuals and organizations who were nominated by the public for their lifetime of giving to make Southern Maryland the best place to live. We are honored each year to induct individuals, families and organizations into our Philanthropy Hall of Fame for those of whom:

  • Share a conviction that generosity allows good and important work to be done;
  • The vision of knowing that even a single person can make a difference for many;
  • And the belief that giving of time, talent and treasure is the lifeblood of humanity.

2018 Philanthropy Hall of Fame Inductees

"Looking Forward, Giving Back": Joe Slater of SMECO, Pastor Mick Hilson of New Life Church, Darlene Breck and Grace Fuller

2017 Philanthropy Hall of Fame Inductees

"Looking Forward, Giving Back": Sandy Washington of Lifestyles, Inc., Jimmy Hayden of O'Brien Realty, Gordon Croft and Charlotte Wilkening.

2016 Philanthropy Hall of Fame Inductees

Celebration of Business Philanthropy in Southern Maryland: Eric Franklin of ERIMAX, Inc & Eric Franklin Entrepreneurial Acceleretor, Joseph “Bubby” Knott of Great Mills Trading Post and Keith Grasso of Island Music Company.

2015 Philanthropy Hall of Fame Inductees

Raising The Next Generation of Givers: Senator James C. and Mrs. Barbara Wright Simpson and Family; Robert H. and Patricia A. Bowes and Family; and Senator C.B. Bernie and Betty L. Fowler and Family.

2014 Philanthropy Day Luncheon

Celebrating Women With Impact: Southern Maryland Women's League, Margaret Dunkle, Mary Louise Booth Webb, Stephen D. and Shirley Mattingly.

2013 Philanthropy Hall of Fame Inductees

Celebrate Philanthropy in Southern Maryland: Nancy Gasparovic, H. Thomas Waring, and Wilson Parran.

2012 Philanthropy Day Hall of Fame Inductees

The 7th Annual Philanthropy Day Luncheon: Roberta Kieliger, Margaret Elizabeth Jarboe and the late Dr. Patrick James Jarboe, and the late John Dennis “Denny” Murray.

2011 Philanthropy Hall of Fame Inductees

The 6th Annual Philanthropy Day Luncheon: Mary Hancock and Lillian Richardson.

2010 Philanthropy Hall of Fame Inductees

Salute to Our Community Heroes: American Red Cross, Southern Maryland Chapter, Charles County Children’s Aid Society, Inc., Mary Ellen and (the late)F. George Heinze III, Evelyn and Vincent Hungerford

2009 Philanthropy Hall of Fame Inductees

4th Annual Philanthropy Day Luncheon: Dr. Francis P. Chiaramonte, M.D. and Mrs. Irene Davis

2008 Philanthropy Hall of Fame Inductees

The 3rd Annual Philanthropy Day Luncheon: American Community Properties Trust, Bobbie and Carl Baldus, P.D. Brown, Chaney Family/Chaney Enterprises/Chaney Foundation, Community BaInk of Tri-County, Facchina Group of Companies, LLC, Greater Waldorf Jaycees,...