Funds that support environmental initiatives in Southern Maryland through:

  • Maintain Planned Land Use Patterns
  • Reduce Impact of Development on Natural Resources
  • Establish Campaigns to Clean Waterways
  • Monitor and Improve Air and Water Quality
  • Increase Environmental Education

Click on the name of a fund to learn more about how its environment programs serve the residents of Southern Maryland.

  • Community Grant Fund - Meeting everchanging community needs The Community Grant Fund was established in March 2008 to support the residents of Southern Maryland. CFSOMD’s unrestricted fund is sustained by broad-based public donations for use in meeting the changing and emerging needs of Southern Maryland. These dollars allow us to invest in organizations who are making our community stronger every day. Community Foundation of Southern Maryland evaluates all aspects of community well-being —arts and culture, education and scholarships, environment, general communityLearn More →
  • Cooper-Grebmeier Family Fund - Donor advised endowment fund to support the donor’s interests with an emphasis on environmental and humanitarian causes. Download Donation Form NewsLearn More →
  • Kaufmann-Noonan Family Fund - Donor Advised, Expendable Fund created to support the donor’s interests such as social welfare, public information organizations and the environment Download Donation Form NewsLearn More →