Community Foundation of Southern Maryland
Chesapeake Bay Waterfowl Art Show

Chesapeake Bay Waterfowl Arts Show
May 15 & May 16, 2015

Details about the 2015 Waterfowl Arts Show will be posted soon.  To request a registration form or if you have questions about participating in this year's event, contact us at

2014 Highlights

Calling Contest Winning CirclePeabody, Hatton, Matherly

The caller in the video is Bo Matherly age 16. He won first place adult and youth goose in 2014. He is imitating a hunter in a goose blind calling at a flock of Canada Geese that he is trying to get in range for the hunters to shoot. The contest was categorize as a “Meat Calling Contest”. Meat meaning as to a real hunting situation.