Charles County, Maryland

Mattawoman Creek, Photo by Kathryn Newman
Mattawoman Creek, Photo by Kathryn Newman

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  • United Way of Charles County Fund - A permanent endowed fund of the Community Foundation of Southern Maryland, “to continue and further the work of United Way of Charles County by providing a Fund which will increase in value and provide funds for future use by the organization”. With a match from the Chaney Foundation, the United Way of Charles County established a $10,000 endowment fund. This is one way the Community Foundation of Southern Maryland (CFCC) facilitates giving by providing theLearn More →
  • The Zonta Legacy Endowment Fund - The Zonta Legacy Endowment Fund was established in April 2010 ‘to support projects that benefit the legal, political, economic, educational and professional status of women and children around the world.’Learn More →
  • The Zonta Fund - The Zonta Fund was created in September of 2008 ‘to advance and improve the status of women and children.’ A Field of Interest non-endowed fund to support women and children in Charles County sponsored by the Zonta Club of Charles County Maryland. Proceeds from the RAVE Walk contributed to the Zonta Fund are used to support agencies in Charles County who work to prevent violence against women or who provide practical, emotional, or psychological supportLearn More →
  • The Opportunity Fund - Donor Advised Fund to provide opportunities for and to address the pressing needs in Charles County. Established by anonymous donor.Learn More →
  • Sisters at Heart - Sisters at Heart Breast Cancer Support Group of SOMD is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Southern Maryland, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Our mission is to promote breast cancer awareness in the tri-county communities. Established with sisterly love in November 2007, the group supports each other as well as those women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. It is our hope that together we can make a difference in the lives of thoseLearn More →
  • Preserving Southern Maryland Heritage Legacy Fund - Preserving Southern Maryland Heritage Legacy Fund is an endowment set up to support and preserve historical sites in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties. Preserve Historic Charles County Preserve Historic St. Mary’s County Preserve Historic Calvert County Fund page accordionLearn More →
  • Opportunity Fund Grants Awarded to Four Charles County Nonprofits - Congratulations to the four Charles County nonprofits that recently received Opportunity Fund Grants to strengthen their programs to improve the quality of life for county residents. The awardees are: The Charles County Children’s Aid Society, which received $5,000 to support their 2017 School Supplies Project. This will ensure that children going to Charles County Public Schools have the tools to start off their school year right. The Center for Abused Persons, which received $3,722 whichLearn More →
  • Newcomb-Hart Library Foundation Fund - Newcomb-Hart Library Foundation Fund is an organization endowment originally created by Kitty Newcomb Hart to support the Charles County Library’s technology projects, purchase materials, furnishings or equipment for capital building projects.Learn More →
  • Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy, Agency Endowment Fund - As Maryland’s premier Leadership Academy, we develop confidence and Leadership skills in a co-ed, structured, professional military environment. Our endowment fund supports scholarships for under-served youth in the Tri-County area, operating expenses, and mission-oriented programs. The focused attention from our staff, small class sizes, and less chaotic environment has proven successful for students struggling in traditional, large student body schools.Learn More →
  • Green Apple Grant Fund - Green Apple Grant Fund was created in 2014 to support first through eighth grade classroom teachers in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties who spend their own money on supplies for their classrooms. Established with donations from the Community Grant Fund, an anonymous retired teacher, the Kimble family and the Chaney Team Fund.Learn More →