Education & Scholarships

Funds that support education and scholarship initiatives in Southern Maryland through:

  • Teacher Recruitment and Retention
  • More Scholarships and Access to Assistance
  • Help Parents Increase School Readiness
  • Enhance Specific Programs – Math, Science, Engineering, Health & Wellness, and Arts
  • Increase Collaboration Among School Systems

Click on the name of a fund to learn more about how its education and scholarship programs serve the residents of Southern Maryland.

  • Alice Bowen Memorial Scholarship Fund - A non-endowed fund that offers scholarships to students graduating from the Academy of Health Professions at the Calvert County Career and Technology Academy and who are planning to continue their course of study in a Health related field.Learn More →
  • Cody Micheal Lacey Scholarship Fund - A non-endowed fund that offers scholarships to students who are pursuing an alternative high school diploma or enrolled in a vocational and trade school in Southern Maryland. “Life is simple, it’s just not easy.“ “So tonight I’ve done a lot of thinking and figured out that all the good things in life are things you have to work the hardest for. Life can be hard but we got one chance to live it so letsLearn More →
  • Community Grant Fund - Meeting everchanging community needs The Community Grant Fund was established in March 2008 to support the residents of Southern Maryland. CFSOMD’s unrestricted fund is sustained by broad-based public donations for use in meeting the changing and emerging needs of Southern Maryland. These dollars allow us to invest in organizations who are making our community stronger every day. Community Foundation of Southern Maryland evaluates all aspects of community well-being —arts and culture, education and scholarships, environment, general communityLearn More →
  • Deb Sheftz Memorial Scholarship Fund - The Deb Sheftz Memorial Scholarship Fund – to provide a one-year, non-recurring scholarship up to $2500/per student annually to assist the student in attending college for his/her first year. Attention will be focused on a commitment to social justice with a commitment to assisting those individuals who are disadvantaged, protecting those who are marginalized, and speaking for those without a voice.Learn More →
  • Elaine’s Gift Fund - Elaine's Gift is a Scholarship Fund (non-endowed) to support scholarships for the children of single mothers and single mothers.Learn More →
  • F. George Heinze III Family Fund - The F. George Heinze III Family Fund is a Designated Fund to support St. Mary’s School, Bryantown, MDLearn More →
  • Green Apple Grant Fund - Green Apple Grant Fund was created in 2014 to support first through eighth grade classroom teachers in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties who spend their own money on supplies for their classrooms. Established with donations from the Community Grant Fund, an anonymous retired teacher, the Kimble family and the Chaney Team Fund.Learn More →
  • Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy, Agency Endowment Fund - As Maryland’s premier Leadership Academy, we develop confidence and Leadership skills in a co-ed, structured, professional military environment. Our endowment fund supports scholarships for under-served youth in the Tri-County area, operating expenses, and mission-oriented programs. The focused attention from our staff, small class sizes, and less chaotic environment has proven successful for students struggling in traditional, large student body schools.Learn More →
  • Opportunity Fund Grants Awarded to Four Charles County Nonprofits - Congratulations to the four Charles County nonprofits that recently received Opportunity Fund Grants to strengthen their programs to improve the quality of life for county residents. The awardees are: The Charles County Children’s Aid Society, which received $5,000 to support their 2017 School Supplies Project. This will ensure that children going to Charles County Public Schools have the tools to start off their school year right. The Center for Abused Persons, which received $3,722 whichLearn More →
  • Phil and Mary Woodruff Charitable Fund - Learn More →